Cunning Action is a 5e D&D Live Play podcast. Join Louise, Neal, Mark and Sam as they build their characters from level zero on a completely original adventure devised by Cunning Action GM, Jon.

1.6 Escape Plan?

Season 1, Episode 6: Escape Plan?

Things get weird when Elgath tries to “bond” with his fellow party members and Caspian is being pretty shady about those “wizardry” powers. Spoiler: he’s not getting an owl from Hogwarts any time soon… Licking their wounds after a fight with some soggy zombies - what else can the gang do but find provisions and, hopefully, a boat!

1.4 Night Watch

Cunning Action Season 1, Episode 4

Night Watch!

The fourth episode of Cunning Action, the DnD actual play podcast with GM Jon and our band of level zero losers, Corwyn, Elgath, Sandie and Caspian. Having barely escaped their brush with the island's enraged flora, the gang decide to spend the night in the abandoned temple. What could go wrong?

1.3 Tangled!

Cunning Action

Series 1, Episode 3: Tangled!

Wherein our level zero losers learn that you can't even put a bucket out of the window without trouble and even the trees are trying to kill them.

1:2 Wet!

Cunning Action, Season 1: Episode 2


The second episode of season 1. Fresh from their defeat of the evil hobgoblin, our weedy heroes explore the island. There are small purple creatures, pirates (of course!) and lots of arguing.

1:1 Shipwrecked

Cunning Action, Season 1: Episode 1


The first episode of season 1. Meet our plucky heroes (well, level zero commoners...) as they find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious island. This unlikely band includes an angry goliath, a curious half-elf, a cautious wood elf and a friendly tortle. Kidnapping, a shipwreck and murder... this episode has it all!